Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Blouse & Skirt or Pretty Dress (What A Dilemma)

One of my favourite looks is the secretary/pa. A crisp white/cream blouse teamed with a calf length black pencil skirt really do it for me. Equally the gorgeous fitted dresses so popular today  are wonderful.

Watching This Morning today I couldn't help notice how wonderfully Holly Willoughby was dressed. Classic lilac blouse with turned over cuffs and calf length black pencil skirt. I think I'll have to start up a section for inspirational GG's (That's Genetic Girls).She's always beautifully dressed.

Mad Men has really brought the beautiful fitted dresses of the sixties back into fashion. When Christina Hendricks said it was only when the girdle and long line bra went on that she became her character every TV nodded vigorously in agreement. That's how we'd try to get the shape. These girls aspire to the look:

This beautifully modelled blouse and skirt is fabulous (I love the ruffled front and the gorgeous bra showing through) (Click on photo to enlarge)

Perfect for a day at the office

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