Thursday, 23 September 2010

About This Blog

This Blog is aimed at Transvestites, Crossdressers and all those who aspire to the illusion of femininity. I have no problem with She-Males, Chicks With Dicks etc, but this Blog is not about that end of the Transgender world.

That is not to say that sex won't rear it's ugly head here, as for many (including me) who aim to achieve a fully female appearance some sort of sexual activity with guys is the logical conclusion to the pretty clothes and lingerie, heels, wig, make-up and shaving.

You'll see I've created a number of headings on the right hand side of this page which will cover various aspects of crossdressing. All the sexual items will be in the Sex category so if that's not part of your scene don't visit that section.

Just to point out all photos on this site are of real TV's unless otherwise stated (all these are freely available on the internet but if anybody spots their photo and would like it removed then contact me and I shall remove it immediately). I shall keep adding new content to the various headings and may add some completely new ones

Hope you'll find something you like

Love Gemma xxx

Gemma (My TV Times & Pictures)

A little history. I'm a child of the sixties and was dressing in my mothers lingerie by the age of twelve. When I got my own house I was fully able to explore Gemma and have fully dressed many times. I just love it so much and never wish I'd be born without this desire to crossdress.

To live a bit of the girly life why not set up an email address in your femme name (hotmail or gmail work) and subscribe to all the girly newsletters you can find (Next, ASOS, M&S, Sulis, Simply Be, La Redoute etc) and get a regular supply of emails full of fantastic clothes.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The French Maid Thing

After the bridal fantasy the French Maid thing is second on many TV's list. Dressing up as a Maid puts you firmly in the Sissy camp and there's nothing wrong with that.

You have to be a sissy to dress like this (and there's nothing wrong with that)

Here's a couple of  french maids living out their fantasies (Click on photos to enlarge)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Blouse & Skirt or Pretty Dress (What A Dilemma)

One of my favourite looks is the secretary/pa. A crisp white/cream blouse teamed with a calf length black pencil skirt really do it for me. Equally the gorgeous fitted dresses so popular today  are wonderful.

Watching This Morning today I couldn't help notice how wonderfully Holly Willoughby was dressed. Classic lilac blouse with turned over cuffs and calf length black pencil skirt. I think I'll have to start up a section for inspirational GG's (That's Genetic Girls).She's always beautifully dressed.

Mad Men has really brought the beautiful fitted dresses of the sixties back into fashion. When Christina Hendricks said it was only when the girdle and long line bra went on that she became her character every TV nodded vigorously in agreement. That's how we'd try to get the shape. These girls aspire to the look:

This beautifully modelled blouse and skirt is fabulous (I love the ruffled front and the gorgeous bra showing through) (Click on photo to enlarge)

Perfect for a day at the office

Sex (Warning! Includes Naughty Words & Pictures)

So this is the naughty section. When I'm fully dressed I want to suck cock. There I've said it.
If there's any guys reading this who'd like their cocks sucked to completion get in touch at

When you get lost in the moment his cum may catch you out! These girls get a facial for their efforts.

These TV's obviously feel the same (Click on photo's to enlarge)

The Prom Queen Fantasy (Gorgeous Ballgowns)

This really is about being the belle of the ball. The dress has to be floor length and vey full and preferably made from taffeta. It's not just the dress, it's the yards of net petticoats required to give the right shape.

More belle's of the ball

Here's two lovelies (click on pictures to enlarge)

Monday, 6 September 2010

Bridal Dreams (Oh! Those Fairytale Dresses)

For most TV's like me the Bridal fantasy is probably the greatest. To walk down the aisle in a gorgeous, full skirted, fairytale gown would be greatest moment of my life.

This section will be almost entirely photos of TV's wearing gorgeous bridal gowns (You can click on most of these photo's to enlarge them)