Thursday, 23 September 2010

About This Blog

This Blog is aimed at Transvestites, Crossdressers and all those who aspire to the illusion of femininity. I have no problem with She-Males, Chicks With Dicks etc, but this Blog is not about that end of the Transgender world.

That is not to say that sex won't rear it's ugly head here, as for many (including me) who aim to achieve a fully female appearance some sort of sexual activity with guys is the logical conclusion to the pretty clothes and lingerie, heels, wig, make-up and shaving.

You'll see I've created a number of headings on the right hand side of this page which will cover various aspects of crossdressing. All the sexual items will be in the Sex category so if that's not part of your scene don't visit that section.

Just to point out all photos on this site are of real TV's unless otherwise stated (all these are freely available on the internet but if anybody spots their photo and would like it removed then contact me and I shall remove it immediately). I shall keep adding new content to the various headings and may add some completely new ones

Hope you'll find something you like

Love Gemma xxx

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